Hundreds of volunteers repack thousands of meals to help the hungry


URBANA--Hundreds of volunteers are dedicating hours of their time to help those in need of a meal. 

For 12 straight hours, the Eastern Illinois Foodbank is hosting Operation Orange, an effort to help the hungry by re-packing more than 8,000 pounds of donated cereal into smaller, family-sized bags. 

Those bags will then be given  to local soup kitchens, food pantries, and other emergency food operations to provide more than 6,000 meals to those who are "food insecure". 

In Champaign County alone, 35,000 people fall into that category.

"We believe at the foodbank that giving back is not just about donating money, it's also about donating time," said Kristen Bosch, VP of Development and Community Partnership at the Eastern Illinois Foodbank. "Just getting involved with the mission, which is exactly why we're here."

The event, which coincides with Hunger Action Month ran from 10 AM to 10 PM Friday and an estimated 200-300 volunteers participated.

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