Mumps cases diagnosed at EIU

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CHARLESTON - Eastern Illinois University Health Service officials say a small number of students have been diagnosed with mumps between September 8 and September 11.

EIU Medical Director Sheila Baker, MD, says all reported cases have been evaluated and managed with local and state health departments.  Baker also says students who have been diagnosed are being asked to self-isolate during the contagious period, meaning those students will not be able to attend class, and could be asked to return home to recuperate.

Mumps is transmitted through respiratory droplets, direct contact with infected fluids, and through contaminated objects.  The illness usually lasts for about 10 days, with an incubation period that ranges from 12-to-25 days.  Individuals are contagious from three days before their symptoms begin, through five days after their symptoms begin.  Symptoms associated with mumps include low-grade fever, swelling of the parotid glands, fatigue, loss of appetite, and muscle aches.

EIU students who develop these symptoms are asked to call Health Service at (217) 581-3013 or (217) 581-2727 before coming to the clinic.  EIU officials say they will continue to work with health officials, and will provide more information as it becomes available.

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