Women Students Getting Girls Excited about STEM


Champaign/Urbana- The outside of room 3030 at the University of Illinois’ Business Instructional Facility looks the same as any other classroom, but what's going on inside may be the most magical thing young girls have ever seen.

"They come in and they b-line to a working printer and say, what is it doing!" said Charlotte Israel.

A few women students came together to create Maker Girl. It's a 3D business for girls 7-10 years old in Central Illinois.  

"I want these girls to be unstoppable forces to continue to say yes through all challenges," said Julia Haried.

Haried said the soon-to-be non-profit started with a vision and a fact.

"We saw the gender discrepancies in science, technology, engineering and math subject and since we are one of the best universities for those majors it was kind of shocking not to see 50-50," added Haried.

From out of a social entrepreneurship class came the Maker Girl 3D printing business.

There have been various sessions since November 2014 and more girls getting involved. On Monday, the session was all about gears.

“It will start printing the top of your gear and then your designs will show up," said Israel talking to a young girl. "They can use the shapes that are already there if they don't feel comfortable making anything else or there are more tools that they can make it more individualized."

Maker Girl is a fun way to hopefully spark future STEM businesses.

"We know that they can have meaningful careers and be really powerful women because there's a lack of women," said Haried.

For more information and to get your daughter involved, visit Makergirl.us. 

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