Wildlife Rescue Expands With House Refinance


Herrick – The Herrick Wildlife Rescue in rural Shelby County has expanded.

The rescue, which cares for sick, injured and orphaned animals, frequently keeps animals and birds indoors.  But that was no longer possible after Ron Eddings had a lung transplant last October.  So Ron and his wife Anne came up with an idea.  Expand the house so animals could remain inside in a wing separate from the rest of the home.

“They’re comfortable.  We have heat and air conditioning as well as hot and cold water,” Anne told WAND’s Doug Wolfe.  “So it’s much easier to take care of these animals especially when they’re sick.”

The Eddings’ refinanced their home to make the expansion possible.  Their retirement income is used to pay Ron’s medical bills and to support animal feeding and care.  The animals they care for are as large as deer and as small as a hummingbird.

The Herrick Wildlife Rescue recently became a not-for-profit 501C (3) so it can now take donations.

October 4th from 2pm to 4pm the rescue will hold an open house for the public to look over their new facilities.
(Pictured: Baby squirrel being fed at the Herrick Wildlife Rescue)

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