Auburn Mother Saves Life of Wheelchair Bound Man Stuck on Tracks

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AUBURN - A 19-year-old Auburn woman saved an elderly man's life Tuesday, September 15, just in the nick of time!

According to our news partners at WTAX, 75-year old Earl Moorman was riding a motorized wheelchair across the tracks on Washington street in Auburn when his chair got stuck. He began yelling for help.

19-year old Ashley Aldridge, who lives nearby, was inside making lunch for her children when she heard the cries, then heard the train whistle blow. She asked a neighbor to watch her kids and quickly ran to the tracks to investigate. When she saw the Amtrak train, which was approaching at about 80 MPH, she quickly yanked Moorman from his wheelchair just seconds before the train hit it.

The wheelchair was destroyed, but neither Moorman or Aldridge were injured.

Tonight Moorman is calling Aldridge his "guardian angel."

Ironically, this is "Rail Safety Week" in Illinois.

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