Decatur Man To Donate Electric Wheelchair


Decatur – A disabled Decatur man wants to come to the aid of an Auburn man who lost his wheelchair in a rail crossing accident.

“I heard him on the news and it’s just something I wanted to do,” Jeff Brinkley told WAND’s Doug Wolfe.  “I’d like to donate him an electric wheelchair.”

Earl Moorman became stuck on a rail grade crossing in his wheelchair with a train quickly approaching.  He was saved when 19 year old Ashley Aldridge pulled him from his chair.  Moments later, the wheelchair was destroyed by the train.

Brinkley and the Support Group for Spinal Cord Injury Patients (S.C.I.P.) in Decatur help disabled individuals purchase equipment they may not be able to purchase.

“Electric wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, walkers, whatever we can get and we donate to those who can’t afford it,” Brinkley stated.

S.C.I.P. needs donations for future purchases. They can be contacted at or by calling Jeff Brinkley at 217-419-8855.

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