Decades of Friendship Across Cultures


DECATUR- Celebrating 40 years of friendship and potential new business partnerships.
Seevetal, Germany has been a sister city of Decatur since 1974. 
Celebrating their 40th anniversary, 33 residents and officials from Seevetal traveled for a 5 day stay beginning with a reception to welcome them. 
One of the first original host families Sarah Mixell said, "The couple that we hosted it was a lot of fun because they were about our age we were able to do so many wonderful things and it was fun to learn about their culture."
Coordinator of the partnership Ulf Alsguth said, " I believe in that what Dwight D. Eisenhower once said governments can sign agreements of friendship but only people become friends."
There will be talks of potential business ventures between the cities during the stay.

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