Governor Rauner Terminates Private Manager of Illinois Lottery

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CHICAGO - The State of Illinois is looking for a new organization to manage the Illinois Lottery, after the former company was told its services are no longer needed.

Governor Bruce Rauner's administration today announced it has reached a termination agreement with Northstar Lotterly Group, LLC and its parent companies.

"This deal is an instant win for taxpayers because it immediately saves them $22 million," said General Counsel Jason Barclay.

The termination agreement is effective January 1, 2017. It also allows the new manager to select its own suppliers. According to the Rauner administration, under the old deal, the new manager would have been forced to give Northstar's parent companies, GTech and Scientific Games, option rights, which would have limited competition.

"This agreement will save taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars while allowing the lottery to selct a new partner that will help the agency grow and better serve its customers, " said Acting Director B.R. Lane.

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