Historic Auction In Elkhart

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ELKHART - Auctioning history.

The first of three auctions at the Old Gillett Farm in the Logan County town of Elkhart got underway Friday evening.  John Gillett was a close friend of Abraham Lincoln and used Lincoln as his lawyer.

This first auction covers items from eight generations of the Gillett family.

“It’s just basically out of the attic and a few rooms,” Dean Rhoades of Central Illinois Auction in Decatur told WAND’s Doug Wolfe.  “Mostly the toy room which is also part of the attic.”

There is no actual count as to how many items are being auctioned this weekend.

“There will be several thousand that will go here,” stated auctioneer Steve Zindars.  “It’s a 33 room house and we’ve only been into like two rooms of it.”
The auction will resume at 10am on both Saturday and Sunday.  Auctions for the furniture and real estate will take place next year.  Follow signs after entering Elkhart to get to the Old Gillett Farm.

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