Young Mother Gets Supermarket Sweep


Chatham – For more than 30 years the syndicated game show Supermarket Sweep showed contestants running through a grocery store filling up their shopping carts.  Monday evening at a County Market in Chatham 19 year old Ashley Aldridge filled her shopping cart.

Last Tuesday Aldridge heard 75 year old Earl Moorman screaming for help.  His wheelchair was stuck in tracks at a railroad crossing in Auburn.  Ashley ran to help pulling him out of the wheelchair moments before an Amtrak train struck and destroyed the chair.

As a reward WTAX, 1240 AM in Springfield, partnered with County Market to give her a 3 minute shopping spree for food.  Whatever she put in her cart she got to keep for free.  Aldridge, who has 2 young children, told WAND’s Doug Wolfe she was grateful because her family was running out of food.

On Tuesday Moorman will receive a replacement electric wheelchair from Jeff Brinkley of Macon County.  Brinkley saw his story on WAND TV and is donating a chair.  Brinkley is also disabled. 

(Pictured: Ashley Aldridge)

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