RCC, Millikin University offering new transferring program

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DECATUR - Richland Community College and Millikin University have agreed on a new transferring program that will allow students who are currently enrolled at RCC to transfer to Millikin and earn their Bachelors and their Associates Degrees simultaneously.

President of Millikin Dr. White said, "This reverse transfer agreement, which is not a particularly elegant name, but this agreement will enable students to transfer to Millikin before they complete their Associates Degree to finish their Associates Degree at Richland, so that time is well spent at Millikin and goes back to making a credential."  Students will only need to complete 15 credit hours in good standing to make the transfer to Millikin. 

President of Richland Community College Gayle Saunders said, "It gives recognition of the money well spent and the effort that's been put into it, and the degree that's been obtained and the knowledge that they now have, can be served in the workforce."  The Associate Degree has grown in its reputability tremendously in the past years.  A requirement by many employers such as the high school degree once was. 

This effort will further solidify the relationship between both institutions that work to educate the students of Decatur and Macon County.

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