"Saluting Branches" Helps Beautify Camp Butler


Springfield - The head stones at Camp Butler National Cemetery mark the graves of Illinois' military men and women who served their country, and on most days, the only sound you would hear is a slight breeze.

However, that was not the case on Wednesday, as sounds of chainsaws and wood chippers could be heard loud and clear.

"Tree care is always needed inside these cemeteries," said Brandon Hughson.

Hughson and tree trimming and removal companies from around central Illinois helped beautify Camp Butler by "Saluting Branches."

"Saluting branches is the brainchild of rainbow tree care based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  We saw a need for giving back to the brave men and women that really provided and sacrificed for us.  We're beautifying it for all of the family members and burials that are happening out here," added Hughson.

The cemetery's director says while this one day of volunteer work is very important to the beautification of the cemetery there are 364 other days of the year that volunteer work can mean something as well.

"Really, volunteering is a win-win situation.  We benefit by having volunteers come out and help with the appearance of our cemetery and they also get the satisfaction of giving back to their community," said Paul LaGrange.

More than 1,000 volunteers participated in Wednesday's efforts nationwide.

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