Two Combine Fires in One Day


MACON COUNTY--Firefighters were called to two separate combine fires in one county, all on the same day. 

Steve Wentworth has been farming for almost forty years, but this could be the hardest harvest he's ever had. 

"I've been racking my brain trying to come up with what I would've done differently and I'm having trouble coming up with anything," said Wentworth.    

Tuesday all started just like any other fall day for Wentworth, combining corn with his brother.

"As we were going through the field, I smelled some smoke, jumped off the combine, looked, and there was fire right under my feet," said Wentworth. 

Soon, flames consumed the entire cab and the surrounding field, before the Argenta-Oreana Fire Protection District arrived on the scene and put it out. 

"The combine's a total loss," said fire chief, Cory White.

That loss that is estimated at up to $300,000, along with a whole day's worth of work. 

But Wentworth isn't the only one dealing with the setback. Hours earlier, Maroa firefighters were called to another field for the same reason.

"[It's] very, very, very unusual," said White. "You know, we get a lot of field fires on the same day, that's nothing uncommon, but having two combine fires in the county, that's kind of unusual."

The upside is that no one was seriously hurt. 

Wentworth had a replacement combine in his yard by Wednesday afternoon, while insurance investigators try to find out what started the fire that destroyed his original. 

"That's just what farming's about, there are issues that arise, and you just got to deal with them," said Wentworth. "This is another one of those, but a rather large one. But we'll get through it."

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