Pygmalion Festival Goes High-Tech


CHAMPAIGN--The annual Pygmalion Festival kicked off Wednesday in Champaign-Urbana, and this year, it's a high-tech event.

For the first time, the festival is launching a technology component that will run alongside it's music, literature and craft shows.

The tech segment will feature panels on innovative issues, hack-a-thons, and interactive demonstrations.

Organizers say it's part of their continuing effort to incorporate Champaign-Urbana culture into the festival.

"There's already a core group of people who are going to go to Pygmalion anyway, so introducing new types of people to Pygmalion while introducing the same people that are always going to Pygmalion to something new, it was a fun thing for us to kind of think up," said Pygmalion Tech Director, Patrick Singer.

The Pygmalion Festival runs through Sunday.

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