House Committee Takes Angry Tone Following Witness' Proposal to Impeach Governor


Springfield - What was meant to be a committee hearing on Thursday to address additional billions of dollars for programs like early intervention took an unprecedented turn when one of those testifying made a bold claim to solve the state's budget impasse.

"I'm working with several members of the house and with President Cullerton in regards to an impeachment of Mr. Rauner because has consistently, he has consistently, I'm serious about this," said Rob Sherman of Buffalo Grove.

When it comes to radical ideas about fixing the state, state representative Ed Sullivan says you can't just spout off ideas like impeaching the governor.  He says we have to sit down, work together, and the state will figure itself out one way or another.

"There is not a push to impeach the governor.  There is a gadfly from Buffalo Grove, Rob Sherman, who came up with another one of his gadfly ideas that 'hey, the governor's at fault.  Let's impeach him because he didn't do a balanced budget,' well great, and i just asked him in there afterward why don't we impeach Speaker Madigan for not putting forth a correct budget or a budget that's balanced.  Why don't just impeach every single legislator that was unbalanced against the constitution to go by his argument," said Sullivan.

The $3.8B dollars stop gap amendment passed on the house floor by a vote of 54 yes votes and 13 voting present.

The House is expected to do a full vote when they return in October.

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