Survivors Deliver a Powerful Message with Silence


CHAMPAIGN--Men and women took a stand against sexual violence Friday, taking to the Champaign streets to spread their message of intolerance.

One in five women will be sexually assaulted in her lifetime. That number is even higher on college campuses.

Many of those who experience sexual abuse are often forced into silence, which is why survivors and their supporters silently gathered, holding signs with staggering statistics, to encourage others who've experienced sexual violence, to speak up.

"We want to raise awareness that sexual violence does still happen, is happening in our community and there are services to support you," said Mary Evans, executive director of Rape Advocacy, Counseling, and Education Services, or RACES.

For those seeking services, they can call RACES crisis hotline at 217.384.4444 or sign up for free counseling through the organization.

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