Old King's Orchard Receives Playground in Under 24 Hours

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DECATUR - A brand new playground built in less than 24 hours thanks to Blue Cross Blue Shield and 200 volunteers.

Old King's Orchard was the recipient of a $90,000 grant to help give a peace park to the inner city of Decatur. 

Complete with a stage, peace garden, jungle gym, stage and much more; this is just another example of how the Decatur community rallies behind a worthy cause.

Old King's Orchard Board President Alida Graham said, "We hope that this will continue to be a place to really move social change. It's not just about the physical structure of the park, but it's about what happens here in the park."

Representative of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois Shelley Long said, "We are very committed to making sure that young children have a safe place to play that they are getting active at an early age in Illinois."

The area was completed in less than 24 hours and only possible with the help of volunteers from the area and some that traveled from Chicago, Springfield and surrounding cities. 

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