IDOT Seeking Public Input on Transit Improvements

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CENTRAL ILLINOIS – The Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) announces they will be holding a series of public meetings on its latest improvement plan.

IDOT’s proposed six-year program aims to assess and improve the current transportation system.

The department’s site states they strive to “provide details on the plan’s funding, process, and proposed projects and initiatives that will preserve, maintain, improve, and expand Illinois’ system.”

Officials are holding statewide public meetings in order to achieve this goal.

These meetings will begin in the central Illinois area on Tuesday, September 29, to discuss the department’s $8.4 million multi-year highway improvement plan. IDOT seeks the community’s input either online or at these meetings.

Residents across the state will be able to discuss questions and comments directly with transportation officials. Engineers and planning staff will be available at the meetings to discuss aeronautics, highway, rail and transit project initiatives included in the Multi-Year Program (MYP).

Those interested in providing input will be able to complete a survey and discuss further, if they choose, at the meetings.

Further information on these meetings times and locations, an overview of the program and surveys can be found at the link here.

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