School Aims to Make a Dent in This Year's Community Food Drive


Decatur- In 2014, the Decatur community came together to donate more than a million pounds of food and money for the 13th community food drive. Those donations last year went to Decatur's Salvation Army and Catholic Charities.

Last year, five winning schools collectively brought in more than 500,000 pounds of food. This year, more food is in the works to be collected for the 14th annual community food drive.

In 2014, Our Lady of Lourdes placed second and took home $1,500. WAND’s Brigette Burnett went to Our Lady of Lourdes to see how they are trying to make a big dent in this year's drive.

Chris Uptmor, the Principal of Our Lady of Lourdes said, "we are very fortunate to have the things that we have and know the needy are out there and that's more of the reasons why we are called to serve one another."

No, mom and dad aren't contributing most of the work each year.

Jenny Brummer, a teacher at the school said, "we decided to turn it over to the kids, so the 8th graders decided to have the honor of planning out the food drive for us."

The students bring in what they can each school day, then 8th graders move cans and boxes into the hallways and after that they count the pounds and donations.

Abby Martin, a teacher at Our Lady of Lourdes said, "it was a different experience for teachers. . . If we came up with an idea we had to run it past the students, because it was their project first opposed to the teachers."

The school even has a hero theme to get the students excited about donating food.

"The first week it was Marvel versus DC and they brought in their food items and put it on the Marvel side or the DC side and then we can see which side is more popular and it happened to be Marvel."

It is a school effort to bring out the super hero in all, as well as, teaching children life lessons.

"You can really see that they are involved and that they are learning how to public speak. They are learning how to communicate," Martin added.

"It's not about a contest. It's about us giving back to the community," the principal added.

Our Lady of Lourdes School also had a raffle drawing. That brought in a few hundred dollars and the class will have a huge shopping day to go purchase food with it.

The 14th annual community food drive is coming up on Friday, October 9, 2015 from 6am to 6pm. People in the community can donate money or items at Kroger on Route 36. The goal this year is to raise 1,040,000 pounds of food.

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