Illinois State Museum to Close Wednesday


It's a place full of history and science, but as the state's budget impasse continues, the Illinois State Museum will see some major changes.

"You hate to see all of these museum employees go look for other jobs and not come back.  I understand budget crises, I completely understand, but it's just really sad to see it close.  Hopefully it'll open soon," one visitor said Tuesday.

The superintendent of Springfield schools said that not only is this a big loss to the visitors of Springfield, this is a loss to the students of Springfield as well because every year they visit the museum and until something changes with the budget, they'll no longer have this option.

"We had numerous field trips to the state museum annually.  Over 2,300 are held there each year.  And that's not just our community, that's communities across the state of Illinois especially in the central Illinois area.  That's going to effect over 40,000 students that attended field trips there.  We also had Saturday play days and hands on science learning activities that had over 7,000 students attend just in 2014 and into 2015.  It's not only a community loss, it's a state loss right there on our own state campus so it's very sad to see this happening," said superintendent Jennifer Gill.

While the museum will be closed to the public those state union employees working at the museum will still have a job thanks to their recent contract with the governor's office.

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