Templeton Urges Warnings, Not Citations, For Expired License Stickers

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ILLINOIS – The 2015 Illinois Sheriffs’ Association President has released a statement asking local and state law enforcement to issue warnings rather than citations for expired license plate stickers.

President and LaSalle County Sheriff Tom Templeton says the lack of state budget is changing dynamics for law enforcement. This comes after Secretary Jesse White announced his office would be suspending reminder notices being mailed to residents once the postage account was depleted.

“Law enforcement officers have vast discretion in issuing traffic and equipment citations. Here is an opportunity to assist our citizens rather than penalize them for something beyond their control,” Templeton says.

Templeton suggests that authorities should advise citizens whose stickers have not been expired for more than 60 days to address the problem instead of issuing them a citation.

Further information about changes to the notification system can be found at www.cyberdriveillinois.com, where residents can sign up to receive email notifications instead of mailed ones.

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