Macon County authorities advising motorists to pay attention to deer

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MACON COUNTY - In response to the increase in deer movement throughout central Illinois, the Macon County Sheriff's Office is offering several tips to keep motorists safe this season.

Authorities say deer movement in central Illinois has increased due to farmers working on this year's harvest, and that deputies have also seen an increase in crashes involving deer.  Additionally, deputies say even more deer will be on the move due to the start of the archery hunting season on October 1.

In an effort to protect motorists during this time, the Macon County Sheriff's Office has released the following tips:

- Pay extra attention while driving right after sunrise and during the evening and night hours
- Decrease your speed when driving near and around fields, wooded areas, and deep ditches
- If you see a deer, be aware that there may be more you cannot see
- If a deer runs in front of your vehicle, firmly apply your brakes and do not swerve
- If you see a deer in the road, stop, then tap your horn and flash your lights until it leaves
- If you are in a crash involving a deer, turn on your hazard lights and try to move your vehicle to the side of the road, then call law enforcement to report the crash.

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