Lincoln Library Providing Lesson Plans for Classrooms

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SPRINGFIELD – The Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum announces they have started providing resources for classroom lessons through its oral history program.

The presidential library has created a series of lesson plans crafted around hundreds of first-person interviews through the program that can now be utilized by teachers. Instructors will be able to use these interviews for topics, such as agriculture, women’s rights, the atomic bomb in World War II, veterans’ experiences and the growth of women’s athletics after Title IX.

Examples of the interviews available include: a Korean War veteran explaining his experiences with claustrophobia in a Chinese POW camp, a pilot describing torture and a broken back after being shot down in Vietnam and a World War II veteran recalling guarding Japanese POWs.

Director of the Oral History Program Dr. Mark DePue explains that these interviews have more of an impact on students than traditional textbook reading.

“There’s something for everyone. We strive to interview people on all sides of an issue, then let our users decide,” DePue adds.

Each teacher resource includes audio and video clips from the program’s collection, how the lesson relates to school curriculums and includes potential discussion questions and secondary sources.

Lesson plans can be found at in the “Teacher Resources” section.

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