Innocence Project Seeking to Appeal Convictions in Slover Case

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DECATUR – Sunday, September 27, marked 19 years since Karyn Slover was murdered. Her murderers were her ex-husband and former in laws.

Now, nearing two decades since the crime was committed, the Innocence Project is wanting to appeal the convictions due to recent evidence coming to light.

Innocence Project Attorney Steve Beckett said, “I think that they are actually innocent, and the whole process that we have is to show whether or not that claim is true and whether or not DNA or forensic evidence will demonstrate the Slover’s claims are in fact true and they are actually innocent.”

Prosecutor on the case and now State’s Attorney Jay Scott said, “I have no doubt in my mind the Slovers’ guilt in this case. I’m going to work hard to keep that conviction in place.”

Scott earned his credit early on in his career with being a prosecutor in this case.

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