IEMA offering cyber security tips

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SPRINGFIELD - Illinois Emergency Management Agency officials say they are teaming up with local emergency management agencies to increase awareness of cyber security risks during the month of October.

IEMA officials say October is being recognized as National Cyber Security Awareness Month.  As part of the effort to raise awareness of online risks, the IEMA is offering central Illinois residents several tips to keep them safe and secure while browsing the Internet.

- Use privacy and security settings in you web browsers, email system, and software
- Update your software and operating systems
- Use strong passwords to protect sensitive data
- Use caution when encountering suspicious links or attachments
- Review your financial statements frequently

Officials also say if you become a victim of a cyber crime, you should contact your bank and other businesses that you have accounts with and inform them that someone may be using your account fraudulently.  Additionally, officials say you should request a credit report from the three major credit bureaus, and have a fraud alert and credit freeze placed on your account.

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