A Resource for Those with Autism In Macon County


DECATUR- One parent took her struggle with raising a son with autism and began a support forum for those in Macon County. 

Becky Harrelson found out her son was diagnosed with autism at 4 years old since she has been worrying about how he would thrive as an adult. So she started Not Forgotten a support system for parents, children and adults with autism.

Harrelson said,"I have a child who is living with autism so I know the struggles that a lot of families have to go through. I also know that at some point he will become an adult and at some point I will not be here to care for him so I wanted him to have the tools and resources to have every opportunity just like every other adult."

The group will meet once a month and the end goal is to be able to provide resources and services for adults with autism but currently participants seemed to enjoy just being able to relate to each other and find out they are not alone.

The group will meet the first Thursday of every month at 7 pm at Millikin University. 

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