Lincoln College to Transition to Four Year School


Lincoln - For the better part of a century, Lincoln College has been a place where students come for a two year degree.

Prior to that, though, Lincoln College was a traditional four year university.

"For the first 65 years of our college, we were a baccalaureate granting college," said school president Dr. David Gerlach.

The school is now going back to its roots in offering four year degrees.

"Our students have expressed strongly an interest,'boy, I would stay here if,' so we're going to provide that if," said Gerlach.

Gerlach said that it will take some time and it'll take a large chunk of money to make this happen as well.

"Our trustees have unanimously agreed to invest into this baccalaureate expansion plan.  We're selling some assets that the college has had that were donated to us years ago and that'll give us this reinvestment.  The expansion plan that we have now is a 3-year $7.6M reinvestment plan.  So it's expansive, it's broad.  And over the next 12 years, you'll see us add 21 additional baccalaureate degrees and a handful of master's degrees, maybe even a doctorate down the road."

The school will also apply for grant funding as well as seek out alumni donor dollars to help pay for the expansion.

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