A Brave 4 year Old Battling Cancer


DECATUR- One girl smiled her way through cancer and is only months away from being fully cancer free. Sound Brakerz Bike Group located in Decatur helped celebrate the brave fight of young Olivia Dunker who has been suffering through chemotherapy treatments since she was 2 years old.

Mother of Olivia, Andrea Dunker said, "In about 8 weeks into her treatment plan we saw that another tumor was actually growing on it so that switched our plans from the 6 chemo-therapies that she was originally going to do to a different 6 and we actually added radiation."

Andrea discovered the lump on Olivia's cheek that grew into a tumor then into Rahbdomyosarcoma, a cancer that generally affects children and affects muscle tissues.

As St. Jude is known for helping families through the cancer treatment process through various avenues assistance once Olivia was out of active treatment the family started to see the realities of cancer on their finances.

Dunker said, "Now that she is not in active treatment its a struggle every day to think about how we're going to get by sometimes."

Sound Brakerz hosted a day of food, fun and donations all for Olivia.

If you would also like to help Lincoln Land Credit Union has an account open in Olivia Dunkers name.

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