Without A Shadow of A Doubt


DECATUR- No room for doubt as 24 different churches in Decatur answered those really hard to ask and voice questions.
Pastor Wayne Kent, Mark Mittelberg and Rich Knopp all lead a Q and A focused on providing a safe environment to voice or text confusion on all sides of faith.
World renowned speaker and best selling author Mark Mittelberg said, "you know this week but in general make a lot of people doubt their faith whether its shooting on a college campus or things happen overseas with terrorism natural catastrophies all of these things make us really say well what do i believe and how do i know."
Using doubt as a platform to illicit discoveries of all areas that lack understanding.
Pastor Wayne Kent said, "too often within the church weve said you cant doubt you cant question well i would say yes you should you should question otherwise your faith is just kind of accepted without reasoned out."
For more information on the Room For Doubt series visit their website.

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