UPDATED: Springfield Diner Competing in National Contest

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UPDATE – Charlie Parker’s Diner has once again moved forward in the “Hometown Breakfast Battle.”

Mike Murphy reports the restaurant has made it to the final two in the competition hosted by the English muffin and bagels brand Thomas’. Voting will close on Sunday, October 25 with the final restaurant being awarded $25,000.00 in prize money.

Murphy has said each of his 23 crew members will receive a $1,000.00 bonus from the competition winnings.

Those interested voting are allowed to do so once per day. Voting takes place at the competition website here.


UPDATE – Mike Murphy of Charlie Parker’s Diner announces the restaurant has made it into the final 4 of the “Hometown Breakfast Battle” competition.

The next cut will leave only two restaurants remaining. Voting is still open, and the final two will advance on Monday, October 19.

Voting is allowed daily with prizes also being offered to those who vote.

See WAND’s previous coverage below on voting and contest details.


SPRINGFIELD – Charlie Parker’s Diner in Springfield announces they have made it to the top eight out of 135 restaurants nationwide in the “Hometown Breakfast Battle” and continue to compete.

The Thomas’ company decided to hold a nationwide contest celebrating their 135th year in business. This contest invites restaurants across the country to make a favorite local recipe using Thomas’ products.

Charlie Parker’s submitted its Breakfast Horseshoe on an English Muffin into the contest. Voting started on September 14.

Since voting opened, the restaurant has made it the first cut that took the field down to 16 competitors, as well as the voting yesterday, October 5, that cut the field down to eight restaurants.

Mike Murphy of Charlie Parker’s Diner says they are the only restaurant in Illinois still present in the contest. They have also been in fourth place for several weeks.

The first prize for the Hometown Breakfast Battle is $25,000.00. Murphy has also guaranteed that his 23 employees will receive a thousand dollar bonus if the diner wins the contest.

The top four restaurants will be selected to advance on October 12.

Voting is open at the Thomas Breakfast Battle website here. Additional information and updates about Charlie Parker’s Diner and their progress in the competition can be found here. Those who vote also have the opportunity to win prizes from the Thomas’ company.

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