Fire Prevention Week Kicks Off


CHAMPAIGN--Firefighters across the country, including right here in Central Illinois, are spending this week educating the communities they serve about how to stay safe and be prepared.

It's estimated that around half of all fire deaths that happen at home occur between 11 PM and 7 AM, when residents are typically sleeping.

So this year's Fire Prevention Week theme is "Hear the Beep Where You Sleep," to remind people that there should be at least one smoke alarm on each floor of their house, including the basement. Plus, one in each bedroom and in the common spaces in the home.

"When you go to sleep, your nose goes to sleep," said Urbana Fire Marshal, Phil Edwards. "So your smoke detector becomes your nose and it will awaken you in case it smells smoke. So what we tell the children is that when we hear the beep, you get down low, crawl under the smoke, and get out."

Firefighters also remind you to change your smoke alarm batteries twice a year.

The Urbana Fire Department will also be hosting a family night on Thursday with educational demonstrations for the kids, along with free food.

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