Decatur City Council Meeting - $10 Minimum Wage Proposal

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DECATUR -  The Decatur City Council met Monday evening. There were many things on the agenda -- including looking at creating restrictions to the number of video gaming facilities in the city.

                But this meeting was also time for one city council member to make good on an election promise -- to push for higher minimum wage. Bill Faber brought up the desire for a study session on taking minimum wage from $8 to $10 dollars in the city.

                “65% of Decatur Voters voted to raise the minimum wage in the referendum… I'm just bringing that forward, the will of the people” Says Councilman Faber.

The next step for the proposal is to be brought up in the next city council meeting on October 16th. At that meeting he will bring up a motion to have a study session and two other council members will need to support the measure.

Another issue that was brought up at tonight's council meeting was the possible Aldi's near Route 51 and Ash Street.  Many residents spoke out in opposition siting inconsistencies to the proposal.

                The Aldi’s proposal will also be brought up at the next council meeting which will  be in the theater of the Decatur Civic Center – to account for the large number of residents expected at this meeting.


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