Champaign residents and businesses reminded to obtain alarm system permits

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CHAMPAIGN - Champaign officials are reminding residents and businesses to register their alarm systems, in accordance with the city's municipal code.

Under the code, all alarm systems or equipment designed to provide a signal or sound to indicate a disturbance are required to be registered.  Residential and commercial permits for the alarm systems cost $50, and renewal fees are set at $20 a year.

Officials say this initiative is designed to help reduce false alarm costs to the city and residents.  Additionally, officials say alarm users with repeat false alarm reports could be subject to fines.  We've included the fine schedule for permit holders being used by the city below:

- 1-3 False Alarms: No fine
- 4-9 False Alarms: $100 fine per false alarm
- 10 or more False Alarms: $150 fine per false alarm

Individuals who do not obtain a permit for their alarm systems and have a false alarm will receive a 30-day notice to pay for alarm registration.  If the alarm system isn't registered within 30 days, the registration fee will be increased to $100, and that individual will be fined $200 for any future false alarms.

For more information, or to obtain a permit, call (888) 408-9026 or visit

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