Sangamon County Beginning to Verify Voter Registration

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SANGAMON COUNTY – County Clerk Don Gray announces that the process to verify voter registrations has begun in Sangamon County.

County officials say county clerks are required by law to verify voter rolls every two years to identify voters that have moved, had a name changed or passed away.

All registered voters in Sangamon County will be receiving a voter ID card by mail over the next couples of weeks. Cards that are returned as undeliverable by the Postal Service will have an address confirmation letter sent out to allow for the person to correct their voter registration address.

Gray says it is important for voter registration records to be up-to-date and clean of inaccurate registrations. He also says this provides voters the opportunity to update their information in order to maintain their eligibility to vote.

The public is also encouraged to return by mail any voter ID card that was incorrectly delivered to their address.

Any voter ID card that arrives for a person that no longer lives at the address should have “not at this address” written on the card and placed back in the mailbox for the postal carrier to return to the Election Office.

Gray also says cleaning up the voter registration rolls can help save tax dollars.

“The estimated amount of election resources needed to successfully provide our services is determined by the total number of active registrations in our system. As we remove inaccurate registrations, taxpayers save,” Gray explains.

Any individual interested in the current status of their voter registration can contact the Sangamon County Election Office at 217-753-8683 or visiting the clerk’s website at Additional questions can also be directed to the County Clerk.

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