Budget Impasse Leads to Cutting Adult Education Dollars at Community Colleges


Mattoon - As the state's budget impasse continues, the list of those affected by the political stalemate grows and adult education funding at community colleges is on the chopping block.

Those going back to school, or those adults taking college courses for the first time, often depend  on   the adult education program.
Many community colleges, including Lake Land College in Mattoon, have to suspend the program as the money from the state has been cut.

The school says they'll do what they can  for the time being, but ultimately, it will be  those trying to better their lives   who really take the hit.

"Lake Land College has made the choice, at least for the fall semester, we will go ahead and run the program using dollars that we have on hand because it is so important to the residents of our district.  If we were ever to have to close that program, then again, that eliminates the opportunity that they have to come back and gain some of those skills," said the school's vice president of academic services, Jim Hull.

MAP grant dollars for the state have also been cut, and will likely lead  to fewer students  receiving student financial aid  from the state.

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