No State Budget Equals $33,000 owed to Decatur's Water Department


    How much water would it take to have a $33,000 water bill? Ask the State of Illinois.
    The state owes the city of Decatur $33,000 for the Women's Correctional Facility's water bill. It's two months past due.
    It's one of the bills the state can't pay without a budget.
    Just last month State Comptroller Leslie Munger alerted the state that the longer this goes on, the harder it will be to recover
    "We finished august with unpaid bills totaling $5.5 billion dollars those bills are to hospitals social services and other agencies" Munger Says
But now the total of unpaid bills is almost $6.9 billion so the $33,000 water bill is just a minor fraction of what's not getting paid.
    Munger also says: "If there is no budget in place and we continue on this trajectory toward the end of the year we will enter the new year January 1st owing an estimated 8.5 billion dollars in unpaid bills "
    But Representative Mitchell has a solution -- to get back to Springfield
    "We need to pass a budget so we can pay our bills. Right now we're deadbeats." Mitchell Says
    But luckily the city of Decatur isn't shutting off the water and is giving the state time to pay.
    Lawmakers come back to Springfield October 20.

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