Local Volunteers Travel to Assist with Disaster Relief in South Carolina

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DECATUR – It’s the worst storm to ever hit the southeast coast, and the deadly flooding in South Carolina is leaving thousands homeless. One group from Central Illinois made the trip to help out fellow Americans in need.

Trist Burnett, with the Red Cross of Central and Southern Illinois' region, said, "Obviously, they are dealing with a lot. You know some of them it hasn’t really fully hit them of what they are dealing with, but that’s what we are trying to help them with, to understand you know what are we going to do next, how do we get you back to normal. From replacing medications, paperwork, the whole process of how you put your life back together, and they have been extremely gracious."

More than two feet of rain has fallen in the South East coast area, and the dams are unable to hold up compounding the deadly flooding.

Trish and her team will be helping for 2 – 3 weeks and then swapping out for a different team.

If you would like to assist in disaster relief efforts, visit redcross.org for more information.

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