Providing a Second Chance and Freedom


DECATUR- FOR 45 years Dove Inc has helped thousands of women, men and children in Macon County. But they are probably the most known for their Domestic Violence program that just this year helped more than 500 adults with their services.
Thursday evening a candlelighting ceremony was held at Grace United Methodist church for victims and survivors of domestic violence.
Survivor Mila Cupp said, "I'm so happy, they say the world is a bad place but you know I've met so many good people and there are a lot of great people in this world and I'm very lucky and they helped me to become a survivor."
Cupp spent 7 months at Dove while getting her life back on track and regaining the confidence that she needed to forgive her abuser and move on. 
Director of Dove's Domestic Violence programs Teri Ducy said, "We've had victims who could not even leave their home they are like a prisoner in their home."
Dove has a 24 hour hotline you can call  423-2238

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