Campuses Learning From Oregon Shooting


Decatur - From the deadly attack of students in Roseburg, Oregon, or a dispute that turned into a shooting on the campus of Northern Arizona violence on college campuses has captured the nation's attention.

Those moments in time are now serving as a reminder for campuses elsewhere to be prepared.

"The vast majority of these incidents where you see the mass shooting like we saw in Oregon is a suicide driven by anger.  You see an incident like Northern Arizona that's more of a street crime that happened to occur on a college campus," said Millikin University police chief Chris Ballard.

In light of recent campus shootings like the one in Oregon, or where there was crime on campus like at Northern Arizona or Texas Southern, local campuses are reminding students and public what to do should the situations arise.

"We're mandated to send out what's called an emergency notification anytime that we have a confirmed threat.  In conjunction with that we send out a campus desktop alert that goes to anyone logged into the system at that time.  It'll pop up as a special message on that.  I like to think that we're far more prepared than we were a few short years ago.  I always like to think there's room for improvement," added Ballard.

With the alert messaging system on campus, some students say they feel safe should anything happen.

"It's just an easy, simple way for them to get a message out and most students are always checking them either in class or out of class," said one Millikin student.

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