Escaping an Abusive Relationship


Clinton- For years women stay in violent relationships and marriages trying to make them work. When reality is, counselors say they should leave.

At a DOVE domestic violence ceremony in Clinton on Monday night, one woman read a letter written by an abused woman. The woman wrote things like, "his home was my prison" and "he said he would get better." As years went by, the situation didn't get better she said, that was until, she had enough and said no.

The letter included powerful words written by a woman, like many who are mentally and physically abused.

Megan Neaville serves as the DeWitt County Outreach Specialist. She said, she doesn't want battered woman to let years pass by before they escape.

 “You are not alone and there is help out there," said Neaville. “Do not think for one moment. . . I can’t tell anybody, You won't believe me. You are very much believed."

Along with Neaville, others in the Clinton and DeWitt County community continue to support DOVE. One in particular is Scott Baum from Baum Chevrolet. He donated close to $10,000 to the domestic violence organization from his annual car show in September.

"We have individuals like Scott who raises money for us. . . All the police officers are awesome at working with us and keeping the victims safe," Neaville added.

Efforts from employees at DOVE and people in the community are aiming to save lives while conquering the organization’s mission.

"I love being able to look at them and see them able to flourish and thrive and it's absolutely wonderful."

If you are in danger, please call the national domestic violence hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE. DOVE has shelters throughout Central Illinois for abused women and children.

On October 22nd in Sullivan, another domestic violence ceremony will be held at the First United Methodist Church.

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