Danville VA Fighting Flea Infestation


DANVILLE--The VA Illiana Health Care System in Danville is dealing with a pest problem that stems from unwanted intruders.

Construction on the patient services building opened the door for racoons to take refuge in its ceiling late this summer.

They were caught and their entry points were sealed, but they likely left behind fleas.

The infestation shut down the area of the building that offers imaging services like X-rays and CT Scans.

Pest control continues to monitor the situation with daily assessments.

"We've seen limited to no flea activity but just as a safety precaution we're still going to have daily walk-throughs to make sure there is no adverse affects to any veterans or any kind of flea sightings in the area," said David Gobber, of the VA Hospital.

The affected services have been relocated to other areas of the Danville VA campus.

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