State officials give tips on avoiding collisions with deer

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SPRINGFIELD - The Illinois Department of Transportation is partnering with Illinois State Police and the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to remind motorists to watch out for deer on roadways.

Officials say almost half of all vehicle crashes involving deer in Illinois happen during the months of October, November, and December, with about 80 percent of those crashes happening on rural roads at twilight or nighttime.  Authorities add that the number of crashes involving deer slightly increased from 2013 to 2014, but that there were fewer fatalities and injuries resulting from crashes involving deer during the same time frame.

State officials are offering the following tips to help reduce your risk of colliding with a deer:

- Reduce your speed near wooded areas, farm fields, and water
- If one deer is spotted on or near a roadway, there could be others that are close behind
- Don't swerve if you spot a deer on the road, slow to a stop instead
- Deer will often double back after crossing a road, so make sure it's far from the roadway before moving
- Alert other motorists to the presence of deer by tapping on your brakes

If you do strike a deer while driving, authorities say you should turn on your emergency flashers, pull off to a safe location off of the roadway, and call police to complete a crash report. 

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