Multi-million dollar center at UI will transform everyday technologies


URBANA--The University of Illinois will lead a multi-million dollar research center that will transform everyday technologies.

In the ever-evolving digital electronic age people want to do more with less, packing so much power into smaller devices, that often the technology fails altogether.

"The push to satisfy customer demand for these devices has hit a wall, a technical wall," said University of Illinois President, Timothy Killeen.
But the U of I will lead the way in breaking that wall down.

A new research center based on campus will bring together the best minds in engineering to develop the most efficient power sources possible for everything from hybrid cars to handheld tools.

"This new engineering research center is what we at NSF like to call a really big deal," said Killeen.

The center, nicknamed POETS, is being paid for with a $18.5 million grant from the National Science Foundation.

The organization has funded 57 similar projects that have produced more than 700 patents for products that have pumped tens of billions of dollars into the economy.

"ERCs have a wonderful record of success," said National Science Foundation Director, France Cordova. "And I'm confident that this ERC will continue to advance engineering research education and innovations and surprise us well."

The center will also receive help from Stanford University, Howard University, and the University of Arkansas, as well as partner with companies like Caterpillar and John Deere.

"Promising next-generation power sources that would not only serve society's needs but also create new products, and yes, new industries that will drive economic growth, we like to be at the beginning of major things here at Illinois," said Killeen.

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