Decatur Jobs Council Looking for Solutions to Help Job Growth

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DECATUR – Unemployment rates are down, but not here in Decatur. The area's Jobs Council is hoping to change that by offering more opportunities that could result in job growth.

The current unemployment rate is standing at 5.4% significantly lower than it has been since the recession but people are wondering why Decatur isn’t seeing the same effect.

Chairman of Decatur's Jobs Council Stacey Brohard says, "It's not about accomplishing one thing; it’s about meeting them where they are and putting them on that continuous journey to where they want to be."

Implementing jobs training programs like those at Good Samaritan Inn helps the unskilled worker gain a skill set while gaining an education.

Brohard asks, "How can we bring more jobs to Decatur?"

A question he hopes to be a part of in finding a solution.

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