Making Room at Home and In Your Heart


DECATUR – This year, people are coming together to clear the shelters and move furry family members into new homes all around Macon County.

Each year, nearly 10 million animals who are lost or unwanted are found in shelters, and this year a new campaign to clear the shelters brought out the crowds to Homeward Bound Pet Shelter and Decatur Macon County Animal Shelter.

While holding a baby kitten Amanda Fisher, Lead Adoption Supervisor, DMACS said, "You know this little baby has never even had a chance in a home he was raised in a foster home, which is excellent, but he needs a forever home. So do all the pets here, you know, they aren't here by any fault of their own. They are all great dogs and cats that just need a chance at love our special clear the shelters we are running all month… so come all month of October we will continue with the special adoption price for the rest of the month."

One shelter mom has been caring for shelter dogs for more than 40 years. 

Marcie Anderson said, "They mean so much to you especially after you work with them and love them, it does your heart good."

The special campaign allowed both shelters to reduce adoption prices to as low as $25.00, but even if you missed the deal, Decatur Animal Shelter will continue the price reduction until the end of October.

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