City Council Comes to Decision on ALDI Rezoning


DECATUR – The Decatur City Council met with a large number of residents to discuss a possible rezoning for an ALDI on West Ash and Route 51, and they came to a decision.

This meeting was held on Monday, October 19, in the Civic Center theater. ALDI representatives, citizens and the council were all in attendance to voice their opinions on the rezoning plan.

ALDI representatives presented findings on traffic flow at the proposed area where a future store could be located. They explained they thought this would bring increase revenue into the city and that increased traffic could be absorbed in the area.

About ten people spoke in opposition to the rezoning. They cited traffic safety, property values and quality of life as reasons they opposed the idea.

“If you look at our traffic count, our highest traffic count, it’s Pershing and 51. And if you really want to get the highest traffic count, all ALDI has to do is move about a mile east, and there’s a lot of store fronts there,” said resident Jackie Goetter.

Each council member also explained their reasons for voting either for or against the rezoning. All members said they understand the concerns from neighborhood residents.

The final vote was 4 to 3 against rezoning. As a result, the ALDI will remain in its current location at Pershing Road in Decatur.

Ash Avenue Resident Daniel Miller is relieved the ordeal is over.

“We’re just glad it’s over period. You know, it’s settled, and my life can go on from here… But until that point, we were just kind of well… well… we even put in a bid on a house!” Miller adds.

ALDI has released a statement saying it is disappointed by the decision. The company will be evaluating its options.

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