Memorial Medical Center offering new stent for cardiac patients

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SPRINGFIELD - Memorial Medical Center officials say they can now offer cardiac patients a new stent that promotes faster healing and reduces the risk of long-term complications.

Officials say the first Synergy stent implant at Memorial Medical Center was performed on October 16.  The Synergy stent, recently approved by the FDA, is a drug-eluting stent that uses an absorbable polymer that dissolves after the drug is released.

Drug-eluting stents are polymer-covered mesh tubes used to keep clogged arteries open after insertion.  The polymer coating releases a drug that helps prevent the blockage from returning.  However, officials say long-term exposure to the polymer can cause inflammation, resulting in a delay in the healing of the artery.

In an effort to reduce the chance of complications, the polymer that coats the Synergy stent is designed to dissolve and be absorbed, instead of remaining on the mesh structure and increasing the risk of inflammation.

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