Lawmakers Call for End to Budget Impasse


Springfield - Many lawmakers at the Capitol remain in arms over the budget impasse that has now crossed into the fourth month of the new fiscal year.

That mentality has several lawmakers concerned about the budget impasse and the lack of a movement towards passing a new budget.

Among those who say it's time to put ideologies aside and pass a budget include former Governor Jim Edgar and Forsyth state representative Bill Mitchell.
He says both sides need to sit down, truly discuss the situation, and come to a resolution.

"Most people would say you've got a Democrat legislation and Republican governor, neither side is going to exactly get what they want. You're going to have to compromise. We're paid to do a job, and not doing a job is just inexcusable," said Mitchell.

Mitchell says that the longer this budget stalemate continues, the more people it will impact, and the longer it will take to reverse the effects.

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