Push Back in Recommended Mammogram Age Meets with Mixed Reactions


DECATUR – It’s a test that can save millions of lives, and now the American Cancer Society is pushing back the age for a mammogram to 45 for average risk women.

Dr. Harold Yoon at DMH Cancer Care Institute said, “Screening is important, and the most important thing is that you do it. These little changes: what age it should start, what kind of risk you are, the bottom line is that screening is still very important. Mammograms are the way to check, and they are very powerful and very sensitive."

This change is brought on by false positives and over treatment. Many different organizations recommend different ages to begin a yearly exam.

One survivor Robyn Koritz said, “Yes, there are a lot of false positives in mammograms; however, I believe those false positives are, to a degree, necessary to keep women aware of what could be going on in their bodies. By raising the guidelines, I believe that women in general might not place as much importance on getting checked out."

For more information visit American Cancer Society’s website here.

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