Former Springfield Mayor, Ossie Langfelder Dies at 89


Springfield - "I want to thank every service man.  Whether they served abroad or here in this country, because that's what made this country great," said former Springfield mayor Ozzie Langfelder.

Langfelder passed away at home on Wednesday.

He was an Austrian refugee who, along with his family, escaped the Nazis in 1936.

Later in life, he would become one of Springfield's most memorable mayors.

"The city really has lost a public servant who was a very, very honest person," said friend and former Springfield mayor Mike Houston.

Houston said that when you think of elected officials dedicated to helping the city of Springfield, Ossie Langfelder is at the top of the list.

"While we didn't always agree, we worked very, very well together.  And he really is someone who has literally just loved this city and he spent sixteen years serving the people of the city of Springfield and he did a very good job," Houston added.

Langfelder was a leader often known for saying what others might not.

He said,"one thing I'd tell my children is if you can't speak the truth, my dad always said, keep your mouth shut, which I always thought was great advice because I lied once and I'll be honest with you, I don't think I ever lied since then."

Leaving behind a legacy of service in the capital city, Ossie Langfelder was 89 years old.

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